N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner, 網站漏洞掃描

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner是N-Stalker公司研發的一個頂級的安全評估工具。

通過與知名的N-Stealth HTTP Security Scanner及其35,000個web攻擊簽名資料庫合併,以及正在申請專利的web應用程式安全評估技術元件,N-Stalker能為你的web應用程式徹底消除大量普遍的安全隱患,包括跨站腳本(Cross-site Scripting)和SQL注入(SQL injection),緩存溢出(Buffer Overflow),參數篡改(Parameter Tampering)以及更多攻擊等等

N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner 的特性

  • HTTP Fingerprinting & Server-side technology discoverer 
  •  AJAX ready security scanning 
  • Automatic False Positive Prevention Engine 
  • Component-oriented Web Crawler and Scanner Engine 
  • Platform-independent Web Application Scanning (J2EE, PHP, .NET, etc) 
  • Most complete 39,000 Web Attack Signatures Database 
  • Legal Compliance-oriented security analysis 
  • Policy-driven Web Application Security Scanning(OWASP, CWE, PCI) 
  • Enhanced HTTP Debugger 
  • Web Macro Recorder 
  • Effective Multithreading Scan for best performance 
  • Independent solution [ no need for 3rd party database or software ] 
  • Support to Multiple Web Authentication schemes 
  • CVE Compatibility 
  • IDS/IPS HTTP Evasion Test 
  • Special Attack console to explore vulnerabilities 
  • Enhanced Report Generation for scanning comparison 
  • Scan Report supporting multiple formats (RTF, PDF) 
  •  N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner擁有二個不同級別的版本,來更準確地滿足不同用戶的需求,包括:
  • N-Stalker Infrastructure Edition
  • N-Stalker Enterprise Edition


N-Stalker Enterprise Edition



[Security and audit professionals, IT professionals and service pro

viders, Large and medium organizations, Security consulting and auditing companies.]




N-Stalker Web Application Security Scanner, 網站漏洞掃描




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