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RPM Remote Print Manager
RPM Remote Print Manager is our software print server product. It supports LPD and telnet, and provides a convenient bridge between legacy systems and modern latforms.
* Reliable printing: often used for secure check printing, transmitting medical records, volume report handling. We can print nearly anything on your Windows printers. Customers tell us they install it then forget it's there; it just keeps working.
Repair your print stream: RPM includes many tools for tweaking, changing, or converting your print jobs from one format to another. We support MBCS data and fonts as well as ASCII, EBCDIC, etc. Use RPM to customize your workflow.
* Green printing: RPM can archive your print jobs to disk, email them, hand them off to a program. RPM converts PCL to PDF. In fact we convert many print formats to PDF, HTML and plain text. We're used to bridge AS/400s to modern COLD and ERP platforms.

ExcelliPrint is our IPDS printing product. It's a software only solution which supports all IPDS towers. Use it to replace high TCO hardware. ExcelliPrint supports standard HP PCL printers for speed and Windows printers for compatibility. We can also generate searchable PDF, image files and plain text from your AS/400 IPDS print jobs.
If you need multiple IPDS outputs, consider this: we include one printer license for each ExcelliPrint software license, and additional printers cost much less.

INTELLIscribe is our print client product. INTELLIscribe creates a virtual port that any Windows printer can use. Print from your Windows application to your printer; from there you can:
* Broadcast: print to multiple printers at once
* failover printing: redirect to the next printer in line when this one stops responding. Used when you have several printers available and can't waste time reprinting
The television news industry in the U.S. uses INTELLIscribe to transmit script updates from one workstation to all production staff immediately. In the medical field the failover feature is often used. Other industries use INTELLIscribe with specialized IP addressable printers.


Brooks - RPM Remote Print Manager, ExcelliPrint, INTELLIscribe 台灣/亞洲 總代理, 總經銷, 代理, 經銷




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