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Productivity Software for Database Developers, DBAs, and Analysts

There's a database revolution changing the way you develop, access, manage, and analyze data. But here's the good news: Toad® has you covered, whether you're working with relational databases or emerging technology. Toad solutions support Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, IBM DB2, Sybase, PostgreSQL, Teradata, Netezza, Hadoop, SQL Azure, and more. Toad gives you freedom of choice, so you can use the best platforms for your environment and avoid getting locked in by a particular vendor.

Millions of users trust Toad solutions, including our flagship product Toad for Oracle, to provide a simple, consistent way to build, manage, and maintain databases. Whether you're a developer, DBA, or analyst, Toad's unique community-built approach will dramatically increase your productivity.


Toad simplifies the manual, time-intensive tasks associated with Oracle development, administration, performance management, and querying and reporting. It provides Oracle-specific capabilities that enable you to meet SLAs with ease. Plus, Toad can help you with change, configuration, and release management.

SQL Server

Ensuring good SQL Server performance is demanding work. And when you’re facing challenges like SQL Server sprawl, tightening IT budgets, growing complexity, and exponential data growth, the pressure can get intense. But our Toad products for SQL Server can simplify your daily tasks and increase your productivity — no matter how complex your environment gets.


While your company’s IT budget may not be expanding, the volume of data you’re expected to manage certainly is. But here’s some good news: Our Toad products for IBM DB2 LUW and IBM DB2 z/OS can increase your productivity and help your organization get a bigger return on its DB2 investment — faster than you might think. In fact, the bigger the data overload you’re experiencing, the more our tools can help.


Our Sybase tools make it incredibly easy to manage databases that support the critical applications on which your organization relies. With robust, Sybase-specific capabilities, it’s never been simpler to ensure optimal database performance and minimize the risks of change.


Toad eliminates the tedious, manual work associated with development, administration, and querying and reporting. Our Toad tools for MySQL enable you to fly through SLAs because they simplify and speed the management of database performance. With Toad, you get dramatically increased productivity and access to an active user community.

Cloud Databases

Whether you’re a DBA, analyst, or programmer, you could use an easier way to query NoSQL databases and integrate the data with RDBMSes. Toad simplifies access and management of non-relational data stored in the cloud, putting NoSQL databases within the reach of RDBMS developers and DBAs. So the critical data your business relies on is back at your fingertips.

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