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amCharts Bundle

amCharts bundle is a set of JavaScript/HTML and Flash charts for most of your needs. Bundle includes serial (column, bar, line, area, step line, smoothed line, candlestick and ohlc graphs), pie/donut, radar/polar and xy/scatter/bubble charts.

Our charts offer unmatched functionality and performance in a modern, standards compliant package.
Supports all modern browsers

Our JavaScript charts support all modern browsers including (but not limited to) modern versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. It also runs on mobile devices powered by iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android Honeycomb.

The package also includes Flash charts which can be served for users with browsers which doesn't support SVG/VML.


What about amCharts Flash Charts?

Flash charts were the thing we started and became quite famous. However things changed since and now our main focus are JavaScript/HTML charts. You can stil use our flahs charts in most cases, however we won't be developing new versions of Flash charts further.

AmCharts bundle includes fallback mechanism which allows developers use both Flash and JavaScript charts interchangeably based on the client's browser and/or developer preferences. Using fallback mechanism JavaScript charts can load and parse settings and data files used by flash charts. However our JavaScript charts has a lot more features.

Where to start?

Download amCharts v 2.X from our download page. The download includes an extensive set of samples to get you started.

In our documentation section you will find amCharts JavaScript reference, links to tutorials and other useful information.

Looking forward to your feedback

We believe our charts are the best and we are sure you will love them. We would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think via email or in the forums.
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