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Babylon is the world's leading provider of language solutions, such as online and offline dictionary and translation software in over 75 languages in one simple click and is being used by millions of private users and organizations in more than 200 countries and territories.

Babylon maintains the lead with more languages, full web page and document translation and seamless integration with Microsoft Office speller.

Babylon brings the following new features and enhancements: Babylon Live Translation Community, Spelling and Proofreading, Human Voice, More Languages, More Sources, Full web page and document translation, seamless integration with Microsoft Office speller, easier access to dictionaries and encyclopedias and much more.

Babylon features:

  • Simple One-Click Translation in any Application
    Simply click on any text in any desktop application to get immediate translation and access to dictionaries & encyclopedias covering a wide range of subjects, categories and themes.
  • Available in over 75 Languages
    Babylon automatically recognizes the languages you use and need, and delivers results in those languages.
  • Live Translation Community NEW!
    Babylon 9 enables you to easily participate in Babylon’s large community of native speakers and professional translators worldwide.
  • Spelling and Proofreading NEW!
    Babylon Speller and Proofreading is at your service to ensure you did not omit or skip anything important and allows you to catch errors (be it typos, grammar, etc.) which you may have made when writing.
  • Over 2,000 Dictionary Titles
    Babylon delivers results from the world's premier publishing houses (such as: Oxford, Britannica, Merriam Webster, Pons, Larousse, Duden, Langenscheidt and many more) to enhance your translation experience and knowledge.
    In addition, Babylon provides results from over 1,600 user generated glossaries and dictionaries.
  • Wikipedia @ a click in over 25 languages
    Babylon delivers results from Wikipedia in over 25 languages, covering millions of articles and definitions that are constantly updated to cover current events and recent innovations.
  • Integrates seamlessly into Microsoft Office Spellers
    When spelling suggestions are obtained from MS Office, Babylon provides a short translation for each suggestion indicated in MS Office’s speller menu.
  • Web Page and Document translation
    Babylon provides translation of full web pages, documents (MS Word, PDF, Text, etc.) and text between 33 languages, all in a single click.
  • World time zones, currencies and units conversion
    Babylon helps you convert currencies, measurements and world time zones. Just click on any value in any desktop application to get instant conversions. 
    Currency exchange rates are updated daily.

Babylon Mac 

Babylon is a simple and intuitive tool that you activate with a simple single click, without interrupting your workflow.

Babylon MAC is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Macintosh working environment, enables translation and provides dictionary results in over 75 languages.

Babylon Mac proudly presents:

  • Quick Look plugin Babylon has undertaken the challenge to expand your built-in Quick Look when clicking on text

  • Menu Bar - Looking for a specific word, translation or auto-completion? Babylon Menu Bar saves you all the trouble.

  • Autocompletion no more spelling mistake or misused words. Babylon works to expand text as you type, making suggestions of complementary terms.

What’s New?

‘Quick Look’ gives you a sneak peek of content (files & folders, documents, video, etc.) without ever opening them. Babylon extends your Quick Look experience by providing an instant preview translation in a small, elegant, adjustable and transparent window. In many cases you wish to have instant translation on the go without having to interrupt your work flow. Babylon Quick Look is exactly what you need.

Looking for a specific word, translations auto completion?
Babylon’s Menu Bar saves you all the trouble.

Babylon introduces menu bar activation. Designed on the same concept of spotlight, which provides a search box ‘always on top’, where the user can type and Babylon suggests complementary alternatives on the fly. Each and every term can be clicked and translated. No more spelling mistakes or time wasted looking for the correct word or translation - with Babylon MAC, reading and writing in all languages is easier, faster and more efficient.

Babylon auto-complete feature expands text as you type and suggests related complementary terms. As you type in the Babylon term field (at the main or menu app) Babylon automatically offers you similar complementary terms, which lessens the possible typos and saves time as to reduce repetitive tasks. When you identify a relevant term on the list, click on it and Babylon will translate it.

The auto-complete feature helps users to express themselves in foreign languages, and assists when searching for similar expressions.

Feature Overview

Dictionaries and Glossaries

You can work faster with Babylon and without the need of an internet connection. Just click on any text in any desktop application and get immediate access to installed dictionaries and encyclopedias covering a wide range of topics and themes (online results from up to 1,500 dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias available as well).
Babylon MAC software delivers results from 1,500 free dictionaries, glossaries and encyclopedias, including Wikipedia in over 25 languages.

Text translation in a single click

Text translation has never been easier
Babylon Mac provides translation of a sentence, phrase or a whole paragraph of text to and from 33 languages - all in a single click.

Wikipedia content in a single click

Babylon Mac delivers results in over 25 languages from Wikipedia.

Cross-languages dictionary

Babylon can now be used to translate between any language, such as French to Spanish, German to Japanese, Turkish to Swedish and many more.

Built-in spell checker

Correct spelling suggestions and at the same time provide the user with short definitions that will enable the user to identify and decide what to choose

Localized User interface

Localization to: English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew.

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