NVivo, NVivo Server

NVivo is software that helps you to work with unstructured information like documents, surveys, audio, video and pictures - so that you can ultimately make better decisions. 

Whatever your materials, whatever your field, whatever your approach, NVivo provides a workspace to help you at every stage of your project.

NVivo highlights

  • Import and work with with documents, PDFs, spreadsheets, audio, video and pictures.
  • Spend more time on data analysis and discovery. NVivo lets you organize and classify data quickly.
  • Work systematically and ensure you don't miss anything in your data.
  • Uncover subtle connections in ways that simply aren't possible manually with queries.
  • Reflect and add your insights and ideas to analysis.
  • Rigorously justify your findings with evidence. NVivo helps you link findings back to the original data that supports it.
  • Easily interchange data with applications like Microsoft Excel, Word, IBM SPSS Statistics and EndNote.
  • Easily work with material in your own language.
  • Effortlessly share your work with others.

What's new in NVivo ?
  • Analyzing survey responses? Work with data in spreadsheets and database tables.
  • Sit up above your data and drill down into it with enhanced automated queries and text analysis features. Use them to quickly test theories or to direct you to the areas that need further analysis.
  • Display connections, ideas and findings with new visualizations like word trees, tree maps, connection maps and cluster analysis.
  • Import literature reviews and generate bibliographies by sharing data with tools like EndNote, Zotero and RefWorks.

QSR - NVivo, NVivo Server Hong Kong/Asia Distributor, Reseller

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